Modular Home Disabled Shower

Modular Home Disabled Shower. Whitley Manufacturing: modular charter schools health care
Modular Home Disabled Shower

Whitley Manufacturing: modular charter schools health care

What are Modular Homes? . Modular homes are residences developed in a controlled factory environment in segments, or modules, then transported to the construction site. There, they're installed on permanent foundations and performed by professional installers.

A modern process with modern advantages. Why not take advantage of modern modular construction for your new residence? We offer an assortment of modular home floor plans, such as ranches, Cape Cods and manicured houses, just to name a few. Many of our models offer exceptional architectural alternatives, exterior elevations and interior designs.

But there's even more to like about modular homes. Modular homes can reduce construction time by over 35 percent, getting you to your new home quicker so you may enjoy it more. Site-built houses can take several weeks to complete, while modular houses are constructed on site and generally finished in a week.

Modular homes provide remarkable value. With more than 60 years' expertise, you will discover our commitment to excellence in each module, both nail and rug fiber and also in every one of our floor plans. Our modular homes are professionally engineered and assembled by skilled craftsmen and always inspected to ensure they meet exact state or local construction codes.

Our contemporary signature extends beyond construction and selection to provide you with a hands-on part in designing your next residence. Homebuyers can customize a design with the addition of additional living room and bedrooms in addition to alternate kitchen designs and many other amenities. Available choices vary depending on the model.

Modular homes offer price savings other approaches cannot. Because most modular structure can be finished in significantly less time than site-built structure, by way of example, the cost of interim construction financing is significantly reduced or eliminated.

Our role as a major manufacturer of modular homes needs us to buy large amounts of quality building stuff -- achieving economies of scale which result in price savings we pass up to you.

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